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Art Lectures

Shavonne Johnson
Ji Lee Artist Lecture
Experimental animation
Response Paper

Ji Lee Artist Lecture

            Ji Lee is a graphic designer. He was born is Song, Korea in 1971. His family moved to the United States and he later went to the Arts of Visual design college. From listening to his lecture, three of his works stood out to me, which are his letter illustration, The Bubble project, and Drawing For My Grand Children.
Working in older graphic design programs, Lee became fond of word art and made his own language by multiplying many letters until they formed a sphere or a vase. With these letters, he made a 3D illustration with photoshop. From this work I perceived him as innovative as well as, being willing to go above and beyond with his assignments.  Later in school his graphic design teacher taught him how to animate text. He took this assignment further in his career. He made multiple word art animation with a humorous approach and sold them to several companies. Watching his portrayal of word art open my perception in how I could use word art in animation.  Other projects he made involved the community, one such is the bubble project. In this project he encouraged on lookers to fill in a speech bubble on a public ads. This project came with the risk of companies trying to sue him. Although he is primarily a graphic designer, I considered this assignment to be a performance piece. I thought I was interesting to involve the public in an art piece, but his approach was too dangerous. Luckily he did not get sued for his artistic expression. Lastly, his project Drawing For My Grand Children, involved encouraging his father to his to use his artistic talent to tell the story of his life. So his grandchildren ,who may grow up without him, could know what he is like. Currently, his father produces an art piece everyday and posts it on his blog. I enjoyed his artwork because of its emotion value. Making personal art pieces could help the crowd relate to artwork more. In the future I may make an emotional or personal animation one day. Over all, I enjoyed his lecture and his sense of humor.

Shavonne Johnson
May 6, 2016
Josh Horton
Experimental Animation

Josh Horton: Artist Lecture

            Josh Horton is a graphic designer that graduated at the University of Memphis. He started off is career with an interest in music production. He went back to collage, which he attended Sail University, for business classes and later got a job at a recording studio. He helped out in the studio until; he decided to make a difference in the world using graphic design. He wanted to help new companies and old business look professional and thus be taken seriously.  Three of his works that stood out to me are his music cover illustrations, Carve for Obama Campaign and his Memphis T-shirt Collection.
He started of working for the graphic design company Ardent studios who makes posters, realistic backgrounds, and music covers. His approach on music covers involves a simple composition with complex designs. He used black as negative space and a lot of smoke effects. The smoke effects created a nice, polished look to his artwork. He later started making a non-profit campaign for president Obama, with the slogan cave for Obama. He encouraged thousands of people to carve pumpkins to support Obama. He ended up making a book about pumpkin carving for his site. I thought this approach to making art is enjoyable. Just as he planned, he made a difference and encouraged many others to make artwork with him. Lastly, his Memphis shirt collection is about his views and memories of Memphis. He made around twelve shirt designs and customers continue to buy and wear them to this day. I thought this was an interesting way to profit on selling ones personal experiences and messages. I have leaned how to print on T-shirts myself, maybe I could used them to promote future animation projects. Over all, his lecture showed a varity of ways art can make a difference in society.

Shavonne Johnson
May 6, 2016
Katherine Gabbels
Experimental Animation

Katherine Gabbels: Artist Lecture

            Katherine Gabbels is an English teacher, who has taught at a total of five schools, which include master level college courses. She has taught writing and literature courses. As a teacher she focuses on making her students comfortable, making assignments that relate to students majors and being available after class for students who have questions.  To teach her students she gives assignment readings and constantly encourages students to revise their work. I don't like repeating myself over and over again, but teaching this way can be effective. This teaching method can defiantly prevent students from making the same mistakes. At the lecture her goal was encourage others to view story telling as art and to present herself as an artist. As an artist she viewed herself as a writer of Arthurian legends and a supporter for gay pride. Types of Arthurian legends she wrote involved the deeds nights do for their lords. She enjoys these types of stories because of their masculinity.  One essay she published on this topic is called International and Regional Conference, Medieval Essays. When listening to her speech, I wish she would further explained in detail what happens in her adventure stories besides comparing them to King Arthur. Overall, she seemed fully engaged in her lecture, but she may want to explain her artwork more.

Final Film A Lady's charm

This film is mocking both the damsel in distress and the typical magical girl.Thus the main character Trixxy saves herself by defeating the Hair Eater. 

the goal of the film is to reinvent the magical girl.

In the plot of the film, the hair eater is attracted to Trixxy's long hair and Trixxy overpowers her foe wearing garbage armor and a funky smell. In the begging of the film, a pun is created with the title. Referring to Trixxy as a well manner and proper lady. When the creeper arrives, the viewer is lead to believe he is the dominant figure. However, Trixxy takes off soaring into the air to become Trash Hero. Once, her true identity is revealed, the creeper is shocked by her funk and his bad luck. With ease, trixxy defeats the hair eater with the funk of her armpits. 

When making this film I found working in affect effect was easier than the previous years. Rigging still gave be problems, such as viewers seeing my joints or limbs bending in an unnatural way. I overcome these issues by rigging my characters again and thinking of better ways to place joints on my characters. I also learned how to use several special effects in after effects, such as clouds, lightening, sparkles and speed lines.

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